Goya Mark B, Mark, Mark X 2022/23


Freerace 6 Batten

Making it lighter was yet again the key philosophy for this beloved no cam Freerace performance sail. The Mark lineup comes in three build options for 2022/23, the Mark B being the flagship sail.

Racing speed made simple. The Mark B is quick to rig and easy to tune. Delivering impressive low end torque and acceleration combined with easy handling when super powered, the Mark B allows you to focus on your line and tactics rather than managing your sail.

Super lightweight 6 batten build plus truncated boom length give the Mark Pro a compact, light and easy feeling as you accelerate, when you are powered up at speed and through high speed technical transitions around the buoy.

The Mark Pro is best paired with a fast Freerace board, such as the Bolt Pro, or a dedicated slalom/race board, such as the Proton Pro.

The secret to the Mark Pro’s great feeling is in the heart of the sail, the profile, twist and release. A little more shape forward, a smooth transition, and a smooth and clean release, particularly in the leech area just above the boom. The Mark Pro has a more neutral feel when powered up, and when the big gust hits, it stays settled.



RDM or SDM compatible on all sizes, except 5.4, 5.8.

Mark B:

  • Monofilm window, Bi-Ply and Scrim panels.
  • Available in Fluo Yellow & Pink.



  • The Mark is the most economical build within the Mark line of sails. Utilizing Monofilm for its main window and panels, brings down the material cost yet makes for a superbly light sail build.
  • Monofilm window, Monofilm and Scrim panels.
  • Available in Red & Fluo Yellow.


Mark X:

  • The Mark X shares its main window material with our X Build wave range, swapping clear film for wide spaced X-Ply, incorporating those ultra-strong Spectra yarns for added tear resistance.
  • X-Ply window, X-Ply and Scrim panels.
  • Available in Blue & Fluo Yellow.


Größe Luff Boom Best Mast UVP (Mark B / Mark / Mark X) Preis
5.4 411 181 400 RDM (Fixed) 776 / 693 / 853 € auf Anfrage
5.8 420 185 400 RDM (Fixed) 803 / 710 / 875 €
6.2 437 190 430 RDM oder SDM (Fixed) 820 / 726 / 981€
6.6 450 195 430 RDM oder SDM (Fixed) 836 / 743 / 913 €
7.2 467 202 460 RDM oder SDM (Fixed) 869 / 769 / 946 €
7.8 483 212 460 RDM oder SDM (Fixed) 897 / 792 / 974 €
8.5 501 224 490 RDM oder SDM (Fixed) 919 / 814 / 996 €

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