Goya Fringe Pro 2022/23


Surfwave 3 Batten

The Fringe Pro is the result of seasons worth of development by top team riders Levi Siver and Adam Warchol, apart from being Jason Diffin’s personal favorite.

Pure Surfwave, and so very much more. The Fringe Pro is a super lightweight, smooth power delivering and effortless handling sail in our wave range.

Small refinements and improvements took place throughout the size range in the 2022/23 model year, alongside a massive weight reduction, that did not stop for the Fringe Pro, despite it’s already low weight when we started the process. The Fringe Pro is an excellent super light all-purpose sail for riders who prefer an easy power sail in any condition. Best paired with higher volume boards, a concept allowing you to generally bring a smaller sail and further enhance the lightweight handling characteristic of the Fringe Pro.

Foil, waves, flat water, the Fringe Pro feels great in the hands in so many conditions. The ultra-light weight fingertip handling feel combined with the huge window make the Fringe Pro feel like pure surfing, with a power assist. The “Direct Connect” foot batten back end to clew configuration really adds to the precise feel and handling of this maneuver wave sail. Easy power and finesse with a fingertip.

With the biggest size range of any model, 2.8 all the way up to 6.3, the Fringe Pro is an equally perfect choice for smaller riders seeking a lighter weight, easy handling rig feel, for training and light air cruising, for easy and effortless Freeride sailing, and also for foil windsurfing where the power to weight ratio is so important for creating lift in the lightest of winds. Recreational foil sailing is pure bliss with the Fringe Pro.



The Fringe Pro has a Bi-Ply window, UV protected, double layer laminated clear film that lasts 3x as long as mono film for cracking and is much more resistant to hard creases. Bi-ply represents a massive improvement in window film technology.

Pro Construction, Bi-Ply and X-Ply window, Scrim panels.

Available in Red & Fluo Yellow.


Größe Luff Boom Best Mast UVP Preis
2.8 315 135 310 RDM (Vario) 765 € auf Anfrage
3.0 325 138 310 / 340 RDM (Vario) 776 €
3.3 340 142 340 RDM (Vario) 781 €
3.5 354 143 340 RDM (Vario) 792 €
3.7 364 147 340 RDM (Vario) 809 €
4.0 372 151 370 RDM (Fixed) 814 €
4.2 382 154 370 RDM (Fixed) 820 €
4.5 397 158 370 RDM (Fixed) 831 €
4.7 402 161 400 RDM (Fixed) 836 €
5.0 415 164 400 RDM (Fixed) 853 €
5.3 427 170 400 RDM (Fixed) 864 €
5.5 432 173 430 RDM (Fixed) 875 €
5.7 442 176 430 RDM (Fixed) 886 €
6.3 457 183 430 RDM (Fixed) 897 €

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