Goya Guru X Pro 2022/23


Controlwave 4 Batten

The Guru X has – once again – become Keith Teboul’s pride and joy. Originally named ofter him, the new Guru X is now a fresh collaboration between Keith Teboul and Levi Siver as the quest for easy power delivery and that elusive soft comfortable feeling, executed so ultimately well in the Guru X, engineered over the last decade or two or three by Jason Diffin, to ultimate perfection. Its extreme durability is almost too much to bear, when you think of all the other qualities the Guru X already has under its belt.

Francisco Goya claims it as his personal favorite in the pure wave conditions of Ho’okipa. Makes sense, because that’s where the design was born and established many years ago. Continuing its development around the world, high winds of The Gorge, and spots like Pozo have helped to tune up the smaller sizes to work as magnificent as the rest of the line.

Guru X Pro offers a huge rigging range. With it’s soft power delivery and smooth progressive twist, you can rig this sail very full and still feel comfortably in control. Rigging the sail flatter is possible for a more neutral handling feel in higher wind and maneuver-oriented conditions.

The PVC window in the Guru X is the secret ingredient to making its power delivery as smooth and comfortable. It makes the sail unique. Confidence, high wind comfort, wave performance, and control in any water condition.

This means extended sessions with less fatigue and more manageability in strong wind. The Guru X has a huge freaking range and is simply excellent in the surf.



The sail can be rigged full for max power and low-end performance or flatter with more twist for managing extreme conditions.

Poly Clue is another asset in making the Guru X more tunable, offering a high and a low boom attachment ring.

Fuchsia for Keith Teboul and Blue for Levi Siver, those are the personal Pro Model assignments.

Vinyl and X-Ply window, Scrim panels.

Available in Fuchsia & Fluo Yellow or Blue & Fluo Yellow.


Größe Luff Boom Best Mast UVP Preis
2.7 304 127-130 310/340 RDM (Vario) 798 € auf Anfrage
3.0 326 131-134 310 / 340 RDM (Vario) 820 €
3.3 341 134-137 340 RDM (Vario) 831 €
3.5 356 138-141 340 RDM (Vario) 842 €
3.7 367 142-145 340/370 RDM (Vario) 858 €
4.0 377 147-150 370 RDM (Fixed) 875 €
4.2 386 150-153 370 RDM (Fixed) 886 €
4.5 396 154-157 370 RDM (Fixed) 897 €
4.7 407 158-161 400 RDM (Fixed) 908 €
5.0 417 163-166 400 RDM (Fixed) 919 €
5.3 427 169-172 400 RDM (Fixed) 935 €

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