AUSLAUF Simmer Style Novex 2020


The Novex is the best choice for novice sailors who wants to bring their windsurfing to an experts level. Its designed specifally to make it as easy as possible to learn all the fundamentals of windsurfing. The Novex is light weight for easy up-hauling and water starting. The wide sleeve provides superior front end drive which drags you up into planing without needing to work for it. Getting into the footstraps, learning to gybe or tack is all easy with the Novex.
Its a price point product, but is still features all the trademark Simmer qualtiy features, such as a durable construction, a kevelar stretch control tendon and a durable dacron top. The Novex rigs on one mast, one boom and one extension for most sizes. Simplified rigging and ease use makes the Novex the perfect choice the entry level windsurfer who wants to get fired up on windsurfing with the Novex in your hands.


Größe Luff Boom Best Mast UVP Preis
6.5 – Orange 443 195 430 679 € 550 €


  • Early planing and easy handling suitable for recreational use and intermediate sailors learning basic maneuvers.
  • One mast, one boom and one extension for most sizes.
  • Easy accessible performance, works well even when not perfectly tuned.
  • Strong construction, very durable.
  • Wide sleeve for more front end drive.

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