Softdogsurf Alpha 5’6


The Alpha 5’6 is a soft top surfboard that offers all the features a performance surfer needs combined in a lightweight and solid construction. Invisible seams and a traction pad design that makes you go Woof! are some of the characteristics of this top-notch surfboard. Integrated Futures Finboxes in a 5-fin setup give you a range of options for every type of wave the ocean has on offer.




Länge Breite Höhe Volumen Preis
5’6 21 3/4” 2 1/2” 35 l 539 €

Fin set-up: Including 5 Fin

-Lightweight R+ construction
-Futures Fin boxes – 5fin setup
-Lizard grippy top skin
-Integrated finboxes & leashplug
-Progressive high-performance surfboard shape

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