Softech Handshaped Funboard Softboard – Surflinekiel




Softech Handshaped Funboard Softboard – Surflinekiel

Hand shaped with a generous outline and loads of volume. These boards are designed specifically so learners can easily paddle onto waves and jump to their feet.

The large surface area and the abundance of foam creates a very stable platform for surfers of all ages to confidently ride waves and learn the basics skills of surfing.

Core:100% Waterproof EPS Foam Core
Stringer:Double stringer
Fin Setup:Tri (x3 VFSFin Setup)
Fin System:VFS

Länge Breite Dicke Bauweise Preis
6´0´´ / 54 ltr. € 265 incl. ST Softfins
6´6´´ / 61 ltr. € 319 incl. ST Softfins
7´0´´ / 66 ltr. € 329 incl. ST Softfins
7´6´´ / 72 ltr. € 350 incl. ST Softfins
8´0´´ / 94 ltr. € 375 incl. ST Softfins

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