Softdogsurf Skooldog


This SKOOLDOG is a soft top beginner surfboard with durable technology. Designed and equipped with flexible fins, extra soft protective rails, and an easy integrated handgrip. These beginner foamies have loads and loads of volume for loads of fun and nose rides. The SKOOLDOG collection are the ultimate beginner surfboards for surfschools.

Boardtalk or Dogtalk

Don’t hesitate for a second to send us a whatsapp if you want more information about our boards. Choosing a surfboard is not always easy and good advice can work wonders. We love to talk about surfboards, so … that’s great! And we do know that we need to listen to your story in order to find you a dog…board…that suits you.




Länge Breite Höhe Volumen Preis
6’7 24” 3” 60 l 440 €
7’2 24” 3” 66 l 470€
8’0 25” 3 1/2” 84 l 520€

Fin set-up: Including Thruster Skooldog fins

– Loads and loads of volume for loads of fun (and nose rides)
– 3 Fin thruster setup
– Very DURABLE construction technology
– Flexible fins and protective EVA rails
– Carry Handle
– Grip improving ‘lizard skin’ top

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