Sic Tao


SPACE TECH Technology

– Molded, watertight eps foam core
– Fiberglass wrap
– woven fiberglass reinforcement patch
– woven fiberglass
– woven fiberglass REINFORCED RAILS
– Thermoformed ASA POlymer skin



Sic Tao SUPs?

The TAO Surf and TAO ART series are inspired by traditional surf design. The full nose and rounded pintail help you to drop into waves, carving down the line with ease. The wider widths make the board stable, which comes in handy when punching through the shore break or standing out in the lineup. These boards also make for nice cruising boards with a moderate rocker line which tracks and glides nicely through the water.

TAO boards can run multiple fin configurations (single fin or thruster setup). The overall volume is designed to accommodate the whole family, small or large. ST (Space Tec) construction offers a unique combination of durability performance at an affordable price. The ST (Space Tec) thermoformed construction technology produces lightweight, high-performance boards with exceptional durability and exact shapes.

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