Starboard Waterline 2023


This paddle board is designed as a specialised flat-water touring paddleboard, the Waterline promises the smoothest and most relaxing paddling sensation in conditions up to shin high chop.
The Waterline’s shape hand hull design is focused on achieving maximum speed and stability with no splash or sound.

At 75% speed, this hull is faster than our race boards, so in essence, for most riders, it’s the quickest ride ever.




Länge Breite Volumen Bauweise Gewicht UVP Preis
14’0 30” 284 Lite Tech 15.2 kg 1599 € auf Anfrage
14’0 28” 259 14.4 kg
12’6 28” 224 12.8 kg 1509 €

Slices through water without leaving a trace behind. Even when paddling at power, the nose displaces the water without disturbance or splash, creating a feeling of pure efficiency and speed. The narrow nose also helps the board track in a straight line.

Optimises the true “Waterline”, providing enough volume to glide smoothly without water splashing or wrapping over the deck.

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