Simmer Style Blacktip Team Edition LTD 2023


Tomas Persson and the design team started this project with the idea to make the Blacktip even more optimized for the competition environment, bypassing market trends in favor of cutting-edge pro performance. The objective was to see how far to push the design, using new and lighter materials and as few components as possible. The creative fire that these sails lit within our team made us want to share these semi-custom designs with our customers in a one-off limited production.


Using reverse engineering concepts the design team broke down the Blacktip into the smallest components. We minimized the number of panels and seams and reassembled the construction using as few parts as possible. Sourcing new lighter scrims combined with reducing the layers of reinforcements, only using the completely essential materials for the function and performance. The result is a sail that is lighter and feels more reactive in your hands. Alessio Stillrich was using the prototypes all summer in Pozo, testing and torturing them to the very limit, and the feedback was outstanding.


The performance of the Blacktip TE suits the rider who wants to maximize every opportunity as one needs to do during heats. With a slightly increased aspect ratio and forward-focused draft, the TE reacts to the slightest input you give it whether in rotations or creating speed in the bottom turns. This is a pure competition wave sail. Therefore it requires a more committed sailing style compared to a Blacktip, but it will allow you to push your maneuvers bigger than before and provide that extra boost to go further, faster, and higher.

Take your sailing to the limit and beyond with a Blacktip TE.



Größe Luff Boom Best Mast UVP Preis
3.1 330 131 340 820 € 660 €
3.4 340 134 340 830 € 670 €
3.7 349 142 340 840 € 680 €
4.0 363 148 340 850 € 680 €
4.2 374 153 370 860 € 690 €
4.5 381 159 370 870 € 700 €
4.7 388 163 370 880 € 710 €
5.0 402 167 400 890 € 720 €
5.3 416 172 400 900 € 720 €
5.6 432 175 430 910 € 730 €
5.9 442 180 430 920 € 740 €

Key rider benefits with the Blacktip TE

// Forward-focused draft the TE reacts to the slightest input.
// 30% lighter laminated scrim materials in the foot and clew panels and reduced reinforcements make the TE approximately 300 grams lighter compared to the Blacktip.
// Reduced the layers of reinforcement that are not completely essential to function and performance.
// Wider distance between the lower two battens for a surf-style sensation.
// Four Batten Layout in all sizes. Fingertip control, light-weight, and drive to maneuver in the critical sections of the wave.
// The Q-Ply Luff Panel provides a crisp and reactive feel to the sail. Load up and release at any instance.

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