Patrik Race HA


After the amazing success of the Foil S2 it wasn’t easy to design a foil sail that performs better in all aspects and is not just different. With the intense combined efforts of our whole R&D crew and sail designer Patrik Diethelm we’ve completed this honestly difficult mission successfully and were exceeding our own expectations by far. Based on the revolutionary concept of the Foil S2 the all new Patrik RACE HA outperforms everything we’ve ever seen in foil racing. “HA” stands for “high aspect” and the even more extreme high aspect design has been the key to even more efficiency, more control, more top speed and more overall performance. The redesigned lower foot balances the sail out for prefect flight stability. Backhand-pressure has been carefully reduced further to give you a more neutral sail in the gusts while the low-end of the sail improved. As the sail sizes get smaller we shiftet the design goal carefully from pure course racing in the big sizes to slalom and speed-slalom and long-distance in the smallest sizes. One set of foil sails that does it all for you!

If you want the most advanced foil racing sail out there then look no further and try the new RACE HA for Foil Course Racing, Foil Slalom and Foil Speed.
Ride the excact same sail than our PWA Pros Michele Becker, Alex Cousin, Marion Mortefon and Noah Vinther.



Größe Luff Boom Best Mast UVP Preis
3.5 347 145 340 SDM 1199 € auf Anfrage
4.0 369 153 360 SDM 1229 €
4.5 391 159 380 SDM 1259 €
5.0 413 169 400 SDM 1279 €
5.6 435 175 420 SDM 1299 €
6.2 457 183 440 SDM 1339 €
6.8 483 191 460 SDM 1379 €
7.4 509 197 480 SDM 1419 €
8.0 539 203 500 SDM 1459 €
8.5 551 211 520 SDM 1499 €
9.0 565 219 520 SDM 1549 €
10.0 595 231 550 SDM 1599 €


The new Race HA is based on our worldcup-race winning Foil Sail the Foil S2. The following improvements have been implemented to create a sail that is even better to control, has a wider wind range, improved low-end AND extended high-end. We are extremely proud and happy to present you a new sail that beats its predecessor in all aspects and is a real beauty on top:

  • More high aspect ratio (longer luff, same boom length)
  • Lower foot for improved efficiency (close the gap)
  • Steeper batten angles for better release characteristics
  • Wider sleeve at the top for more power and improved aerodynamics
  • Lighter construction for better jibing and easier handling
  • 3 top batten tensioners in the front to reduce swing weight
  • New graphics with widely improved view area for the rider

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