Axis Alu Masts


Our 19mm Aluminium Mast section was developed after countless hours of computer analysis, and resulted in a 2.24 times stiffness improvement over most other brands 15mm masts, and is even stiffer than most carbon masts available today. This provides a very direct and predictable feel, especially through manoeuvres, making it the best choice for beginner to intermediate riders. Many expert riders choose to stay with our 19mm Aluminium, preferring its superior stiffness and predictable feel, especially when used with larger front wings (1050 or larger). Their affordability also allows riders to carry a couple of mast lengths for different foiling disciplines, ocean conditions or locations, or upgrade to a longer mast once you’ve mastered the basics. With the modular nature of our system, it’s a quick and easy changeout.

We also offer a 16mm mast option for lighter riders, or prone and kite foilers using smaller wings (910mm or smaller). The 16mm mast is 1.67 times stiffer than most 15mm masts on the market.

Our Aluminium Masts work in conjunction with the AXIS base plate, for connection to the board, and our ‘Doodad’ for connection to the fuselage. Often overlooked, the Doodad is our secret weapon that provides industry leading rigidity between mast, fuselage and foil. Compared with other brands you’ll feel the difference immediately! Both the Black and Red fuselages can be fitted to all our aluminium masts.




Modell Länge cm UVP Preis
19 mm 45 – 60 – 68 – 75 – 82 – 90 – 105 99 € – 179 € auf Anfrage
16 mm 45 – 60 – 68 – 75 – 82 – 90 – 105 99 € – 169 €
Adapter Fuselage zu 16/19mm Mast
Foil Base Plate US für 16/19mm Mast 129€

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