Axis SP Frontwings


Our carbon front wings specialized for small wave prone foil.

This unique design features a dihedral, or V–shape where the foil joins the mast. When the foil is rolled over in a turn, this has the effect of reducing lift generated from the opposite side of the foil, as it will be on a more vertical angle. This greatly assists tight carving and loose turning when Prone, SUP, Wing, Wind, Tow or Kite foiling.

The foil section is the same as the PNG (thinner, high camber), further maximising its small or slow wave prowess and ability to achieve the holy grail – pumping back out and straight onto the next wave.

SP is not only for small wave riding. These wings are tons of fun for winging (SP860), windsurfing, kiting or behind the boat. When super loose riding is what you are looking for, the SP wings make it all possible.

SP foils are ideally matched with our Freeride Small rear wing range.




Modell Fläche cm² Spannweite mm UVP Preis
SP 860 1212 860 659 € auf Anfrage
SP 760 1130 760 629 €
SP 660 1034 660 579 €

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