Simmer Style Novex 2022/23


The all-new Novex is designed for novice windsurfers who want to bring their windsurfing to an expert level. It is specifically built to make it as easy as possible to learn all the fundamentals of windsurfing. The Novex is lightweight for easy up-hauling and water starting. The wide sleeve provides superior front-end drive, which drags you up into planing without needing to work for it. Getting into the foot straps and learning to gybe or tack is all easy with the Novex. The Novex is designed with all the trademark Simmer quality features, such as durable construction and a Kevlar Stretch Control tendon.

Simplified rigging and ease of use make the Novex the perfect choice for the entry-level windsurfer who wants to get fired up on windsurfing with the Novex in her hands.



Größe Luff Boom Best Mast UVP Preis
5.0 409 171 400 RDM 640 € auf Anfrage
5.9 431 181 430 RDM 660 €
6.8 451 203 670 €
7.7 473 222 680 €

Simmer durability
We have included many features seen on the more expensive sails, such as; 4 MIL wide-spaced x-ply foot panel, quality 175 monofilm, kevlar stretch control tendon, and Insignia Self-Adhesive Darcon leach all packed into a stylish package.

Performance that will get you hooked on windsurfing
The Novex features an X-Ply scrim foot panel, molded tack fairing, and dacron-reinforced foot and clew webbing. All the features you will find on a more expensive Simmer Style sail model, but now packed into a sail geometry that is set up for a balanced, stable feel and a forward pulling drive for a relaxed, easy stance. Windsurfing that is made fun and easy, no matter where you are in your windsurfing journey.

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