Simmer Style Icon 2021 Wave Segel


// Dependable performance in all wave conditions.
// A five batten panel layout that offers superior stability and control over a wide wind range.
// Perfectly balanced draft position.

// The new Q-Ply Luff Panel offers a softer and more forward-focused power delivery on a horizontal axis. This combined with the strength provided by the vertical load line for maintained profile stability and durability.

// Precision Tapered Battens on the lower two battens. The taper is designed to push the sail profile forward and keep the draft locked in for stability.


Simmer Style Icon 2021 Wave Segel

The 2021 Icon is defined by its ease of handling utilizing a powerful and direct riding feel. The five batten panel layout gives you complete command in all situations and the confidence to push hard. With five battens to keep the sail draft in forward locked position, the sail works equally well for high-wind jumping environments to powering driving turns in challenging onshore conditions and all wind angles in between. Adaptability is Icon’s signature trait and a big reason it is been so popular for well over a decade. The Icon also provides the ultimate level of stability, in any wind range. This superb stability also means that the Icon is less physically demanding for the rider to use compared to the Blacktip, providing the rider with an absolute focus on maneuvers and going really fast with full control at all times.
Versatility is the name of the game for the avid windsurfer who wants to make the most out of any wave sailing conditions. The 2021 Icon is the most versatile wave sail out there.

Größe Luff Boom Best Mast UVP Preis
3.7 352 145 340 auf Anfrage
4.0 369 149 340 auf Anfrage
4.2 372 154 370 auf Anfrage
4.5 381 162 370 auf Anfrage
4.7 391 164 370 auf Anfrage
5.0 404 169 400 auf Anfrage
5.3 415 175 400 auf Anfrage
5.6 425 180 400 auf Anfrage
5.9 442 181 430 auf Anfrage
6.2 453 186 430 auf Anfrage

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