Simmer Style F-Max 2023


The all-new F-Max is specifically designed for the freeride foiler who wants to get more serious about foiling. The main characteristics include; a high aspect ratio outline for ideal control during flight, a tight leash for a quick take-off, and a lightweight five batten and construction. The F-Max is equipped with two cams to keep the sail profile stable and minimize any movement. A short boom and a flatter profile than seen on a traditional freeride sail make it easier to maintain the trim so that you can focus on your stance during flight. In contrast to windsurfing with a fin, you don’t need the extra backhand throttle when foiling, so the F-Max is designed so that you never need to sheet out to maintain control. Another great feature of the high aspect ratio is that it improves the efficiency when pumping, getting you flying earlier and keeping you in flight mode through lulls.

The F-Max is the perfect sail for any avid foiler looking for an easy-to-use sail, with quick up-and-go performance and lightweight handling.



Größe Luff Boom Best Mast UVP Preis
4.5 401 154 400 RDM/SDM 879 € 540 €
5.5 430 168 430 RDM/SDM 909 € 560 €
6.5 470 185 460 SDM 939 € 580 €
7.5 493 202 969 € 600 €

Key rider benefits with the F-Max
// Aspect ratio for a high center of draft, improved efficiency when pumping, and easy handling.
// Tight leach for quick up n’go.
// Lightweight five batten layout.
// Two cams for ideal stability.

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