Severne FGO – IQFoil Junior


The lightweight FGO 5m2, 6m2 and 7m2 sails with strong reinforcements in vital areas, cover a wide weight range, wind range and comes from Severne Sails’ world-leading development program.



The FGO offers huge trimming range, excellent cam rotation and reinforcements in vital stress areas.
The FGO works great on foil and fin.

The lightweight RDM Blue mast has a 90% carbon content for extra durability and optimum reflex.
The boom is a V grip design aluminium monocoque design – perfect for smaller hands. 40% stiffer than a traditional round aluminium boom and with unmatched durability.

The U17 division can use the 5.0, 6.0 or 7.0 (up to two sizes) so depending on your weight and skill you will be able to choose the right sail size for you.


Größe Luff Boom Best Mast UVP
5.0 432 172 RDM Blue 430 829 €
6.0 464 188 RDM Blue 460 843 €
7.0 488 204 RDM Blue 460 854 €
5.0 Rigg komplett
Segel, Mast, Gabel, Extension, Base

1991 €
6.0 Rigg komplett 2027 €
7.0 Rigg komplett 2038 €

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