Patrik Race MA


Closely based on the successfull RACE SF fin and foil slalom sail, the new Patrik RACE MA takes your riding to the next level. “MA” stands for “medium aspect” and describes the carefully tuned medium aspect ratio of the sail which gives you the most balanced performance on foil and fin you can ever imagine. THE MA IS clearly more powerful than the RACE HA and drives you through the jibes when being used on the fin. It has enough grunt and power to accelerate you to the front at the starting line. At the same time the optimised release and breathing gives you a sail that’s relatively light on the backhand and will perform amazingly well on the foil.



Größe Luff Boom Best Mast UVP Preis
5.0 415 167 380 SDM 1249 € auf Anfrage
5.6 431 175 400 SDM 1299 €
6.2 451 185 420 SDM 1349 €
6.8 469 191 440 SDM 1389 €
7.4 489 197 460 SDM 1429 €
8.0 511 201 480 SDM 1469 €
8.6 539 205 500 SDM 1499 €



  • Same aspect ratio than Race-SF (same boom and same luff length)
  • Steeper batten angles for improved release and more control
  • Wider sleeve at the top for more power and better aerodynamics
  • Lighter overall construction without compromising durability
  • 3 top batten tensioners in the front for reduced swing weight
  • New sail graphics with improved view for the rider

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