Patrik Race LA


We have taken the world title and world record winning Race+ to the next level. It first seemed like mission impossible to improve this speed and slalom sail that our teamriders love so much. After carefully finetuning many aspects of the sail we’re absolutely thrilled to bring you the new RACE LA for the 2024 season. “LA” stand for “low aspect” ratio. This sail is a pure fin sail and a mighty power horse. It will drive you down the slalom course like nothing else and is the weapon of choice for speedsailing and GPS speed events. The deeper profile and longer boom straight keep you powered up at all times while the new release characteristics have improved the high wind control even more compared to the Race+ which has gained its repuzation on speed strips all over the world. I you’re looking for a no-compromise ultra fast fin racing sail, reach for the new RACE LA.



Größe Luff Boom Best Mast UVP Preis
4.6 399 159 360 SDM 1259 € auf Anfrage
5.2 421 173 380 SDM 1339 €
5.8 437 185 400 SDM 1379 €
6.2 453 197 420 SDM 1419 €



  • Steeper Batten angles for better twist, more stability and more control
  • Slightly wider boom panels to compensate some power loss due to steeper battens
  • Wider mast sleeve overall for a more efficient profile and better breathing
  • Lighter construction for improved handling
  • Three top batten tensioners in the front for less swing weight at the leech
  • Graphic update with improved viewing angles for the rider

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