Patrik GT-3 FRC 2023


The GT3-FRC is the little sister of our competition slalom sail RaceSF. Based on the concept and panels of this contest winning fin and foil hybrid race sail the GT3-FRC performs equally well on fin AND foil. Many updates and modifications make this sail light and easy in your hands. At the same the GT3 doesn’t lose its racing DNA. Fabio Canella and Patrik Diethelm gave it a more narrow mastsleeve while mainly keeping the original panels of the RaceSF. The softer mastsleeve material makes the sail more alive and a little more forgiving. Clearly designed to work absolutely best on RDM masts there will be a SDM camber set available for purchase to modify the GT3 to SDM use. With the RDM standard configuration the sail feels lighter, faster and has a much better handling in the jibes. With SDM you gain a touch of extra low-end while losing some of the playful lightness.

With impressive total of 57.5 out of 60 points the GT3-FRC has been a clear winner in the French Planchemag 2/3 cam freerace sail test May ’23.
The GT3-FRCV got maximum points for topspeed-control, maneuvre handling, camber-rotation and ease of use on fin and at the same time winning the best performace on foil!




Größe Luff Boom Best Mast UVP Preis
5.0 411 171 370 RDM 999 € auf Anfrage
5.6 429 181 400 RDM 1039 €
6.2 447 187 430 RDM 1069 €
6.8 465 195 430 RDM 1119 €
7.4 485 201 460 RDM 1139 €
8.0 511 205 490 RDM 1179 €
8.6 535 211 490 RDM 1199 €


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