Point-7 SDM K100




Point-7 SDM K100

K100 CARBON MAST:The best possible performance for your sail. Great pumping response, acceleration, light feel and absorption of the hardest conditions for optimal comfort and control. ‘S’ for sonic reflex. An incremented layer of carbon on the tip of the mast has been added. This will boost up the reflex on the top part of the sail. Main structure consists of 3 layers of carbon material. 2 unidirectional glass reinforcement sections are added to the mast to make sure that even in harsh conditions the mast is protected against breakages. As the gusts hits the sail, the mast will help convert this power into speed and keep the sail lighter whilst maintaining full control.

WHY THIS MAST:No compromise in its performance. Racing, best reflex and light weight. If you choose this mast, it’s because you want to dominate. Some extra care is needed as the mast only has a minimal protection, giving the carbon the best performance possible.


Länge Biegekurve IMCS Carbonanteil UVP Preis
430 Soft Bottom 21 100% 599 €
460 Constant Curve 25 100% 629 €
490 Flextop 28 100% 649 €
520 Flextop 34 100% 669 €
570 Flextop 40 100% 749 €

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