Starboard Phantom Race Board




Starboard Phantom Race 2021 Race Board

New Phantom 377 (376×66.6, 282 litres): The mast track has been moved 3.5cm further back and the daggerboard is closer to the mast track by 1.3cm. This new geometry gives you a more nervous and tactical board and a higher nose trim that allows you to ride over chops upwind and get quicker on the rail. With the new mast track position, both the 377 and 377L are now able to go faster when reaching and going downwind by riding higher on the water and decreasing their wetted-surface area. We have also reworked the outline of the new 377 to be more inspired by the 377L, with new bat wings shapes that provide more grip off the fin. Both models come with a new blue mast track system that is easier and stronger to use. The user-replaceable lips continue, making them easy to maintain over time. Available exclisively in Carbon Reflex Sadnwich. Get Ready to Race.

Volumen Länge Breite Bauweise UVP Preis
267 ‘377’ 67 Carbon Reflex 4499 € auf Anfrage
331 ‘377 L’ 67,5 Carbon Reflex 4549 € auf Anfrage

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