Simmer Style G6 Freemove


The new evolution of the Simmer Freemove is the unchallenged master of speed and control. For even the more experinced freeracer control is the key charactaristic to go fast, especilly when charging open ocean conditions.

For the G6 version we have drawn the tail in behind the back strap and straightened out the outline front and rear of center to further solidify the Freemove’s position as a class leader in free high speed free sailing segment. The enhanced outline also further increases the ease of effective jibing throughout the speed range with very little velocity loss in the jibe exits. The excellent jibing and great acceleration creates an easy riding all rounder that still will give many slalom boards a run for their money. The evolution of the Simmer Freemove continues to combines radical shaping concepts into all-around and versatile board. The super fast rocker low drag rocker is now coupled with a narrower outline that further enhances the boards ability to handle chop. The combination of the new blunt nose and the thin and flat deck shape in front of the straps give the board excellent agility while the doomed deck in the strap area supplies the comfort necessary for confidence for full speed blasting on any water state.

And best of all, a performance, high-quality freeracer that comes at a great price point.

FOIL READY // The 126 and 136 come standard with the Ready-To-Foil box.



Volumen Länge Breite Bauweise UVP Preis
106 236 72 Durable Wood Sandwich / Duratech Sandwich Construction 1650 € / 1750 € auf Anfrage
116 232 76
126 233 80
136 234 88
146 245 84


  • Low drag and effective rail profile which gives superb glide through lulls.
  • Extra-wide compact outline for early planing and stability.
  • Reduced tail surface for control in high speeds.
  • New deck shape for increased comfort at the footstrap area.

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