Simmer Style G6 Flywave


When it’s on, you need a board that you can trust. The Flywave is designed for uncompromised wave riding performance with rails that will hold your turn, no matter how hard you drive the board, a tight radius turning, and smooth rail-to-rail transitions. These are the main reasons why Flywave has quickly become our all-time best seller.

The Flywave has a solid, well-proven big wave heritage with a rocker adapted from Kai Katchadourian’s Peahi board. Taking this super fast and stable rocker into a curvier and shorter outline, then adding a winger swallow tail that ends close to your back foot, we then tuned the performance of the board to also fit the modern and slashy style for Alessio Stillrich. The result is a board that provides excellent agility and lets the rider adapt the turning radius to any type of wave. The control and speed down the line is retained even in the biggest and fastest of waves.

An extremely efficient rocker with low-drag entry gets the Flywave up and moving quickly, increasing both its ability for jumping as well the ability to catch more waves in lighter winds. Combining this rocker with a double concave V bottom creates a fast and smooth rail-to-rail performance in the critical section of the wave with quick aerial rotations, as well as performs in longer drawn-out turns in much bigger surf where you need to trust the rails with your life.



Volumen Länge Breite Bauweise UVP Preis
72 217 55 Pro Hybrid Carbon Construction 2350 € 1999 €
78 221 57
85 223 58
92 225 59 2400 €
99 224 61

Winged swallow tail

Reduces the area behind the back foot strap to create a precise release in the critical section of a wave.

An efficient rocker with a progressive Vee with a low-drag midsection for vee that will easily generate speed down the line top-speed. The curved sections of the rocker allow riders from the intermediate to experts to drive through their turns with confidence.

Double Screw Inserts
Double footstrap inserts for maximum load and adjustable stance settings for tighter or personal preferences to either 14.5 cm or 15.5 cm for the front straps or 14 cm or 15 cm width for the back foot strap.

Dual-Density EVA Foot Pads
Dual-density EVA foot pads; 8 mm + 2 mm thickness. Textured with a diamond grip for superhero traction.

Equipped with a quad fin setup, the Flywave G6 rides with more grip and control at higher wave riding speeds. The power of the fin cluster acts further forward, which drives the front rail into the water and gives the board added control in drawn out turns. At the same time, the shorter depth of the two rear fins makes it easier to set the rail at high speeds which means that the board feels more responsive in fast side shore or cross offshore conditions and in any situations where containment of speed trumps production of drive.

On the wave, the Tri Fin setup will give you the best possible projection and drive in turns, assisting the sailor in drawing aggressive turns in fast clean waves as well as in keeping speed through the bottom turn in less powerful waves. The Tri Fin setup will provide early planing, great upwind tracking, and ease of sailing while still providing a insanely tight turning radius. Versatile and snappy with a dependable reliability are the main characteristics of this setup.

Carbon slotbox fins
The manufacturing process with molded pre-preg carbon combined with an Airex core makes the fin one of the lightest slotbox fins on the market. More than half the weight compared to traditional G10 fins.

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