Simmer Style G5 Cortex


The new Cortex continues to offer the same stunning performance in everyday windswell conditions as the previous versions. For the 2021 version we have kept all main shape details except for an updated nose shape. In certain high power top turns when you bury the whole rail, the new nose offers a smoother feel. But for most situations, the new nose mainly offers a smoother look.



  • Fast V based rocker for early planing and control at high riding speeds
  • Accelerated V towards the tail and a short swallow tail design for snappy rail to rail performance and preserved speed in powerful cutbacks
  • Winger design with a straight tail outline enhances grip in top turns
  • Thin rails in the tail for increased responsiveness at speed
  • The Cortex comes with 5 carbon slot boxes to allow fine tuning of the riding characteristics by switching between thruster and quad setups


Volumen Länge Breite Bauweise UVP Preis
78 213 56 Electric Flex Carbon 2295 € auf Anfrage
84 215 57 Electric Flex Carbon 2295 €
90 215 58 Electric Flex Carbon 2295 €
99 217 60 Electric Flex Carbon 2295 €

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