Patrik Speed 2023


In the past couple of years Speed Windsurfing had a big impact on windsurfing history. With the Luderitz canal in Namibia, the overall speed times went up by about 5 knots. In one of the record attempts, Patrik Diethelm scored the best result of the event with a time of 51.18 Knots.

Even though he didn’t break the world record himself his most eye-opening result were his 48.77 knots in marginal wind speed around 25 knots on an over 6 sqm. sail. Patrik Diethelm: “Just for fun I borrowed another rider’s 6.3 and could barely start in the light winds. I was happy making it dowwind around the first corner. The run felt slow and almost boring and I was happy to reach the finish without stopping. So far my feelings during the run. After getting the official timing of 48.77 knts I could not believe it. Since then I have bright ideas on how to design faster speed equipment.”

The 2022 WOMEN WORLD RECORD by Heidi Ulrich has proven once again how damn fast our boards and sails are.

Today we are happy to be supporting the Prince of Speed organized by Andrea Baldini – Principe that is organizing amazing speed events in the South of France. So if you go really fast sign in to one of his events and break your personal records. If you also want to have a historical moment in your windsurf memory – don’t wait and get one of our PATRIK speed boards which are known to be the most controlled and fastest of all.




Volumen Länge Breite Bauweise UVP Preis
45 227 37 Carbon Fullcore
2399 € auf Anfrage
49 227.5 39
59 227.5 43
69 228 48
79 229 53


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