Patrik FOIL RACE 2023


The FoilRace is the easier little sister of our pure foil competition machine FoilCompV2. It is able to match the FoilComp’s race performance by 98% but is a little more rider friendly than its competition equivalent.

As said before the outline and concept is very close and similar to the FoilCompV2 but less extreme in the details. The cutouts are designed to favour passive accelleration a little better than on the FoilCompV2. They still allow for active pumping and sinking of the tail with raked foils. If you are looking for one foil board to cover any flatwater conditions from freeride to racing this board is for you.




Volumen Länge Breite Bauweise UVP Preis
125 210 76 Carbon Fullcore 2799 € auf Anfrage
145 210 83 2849 €
165 210 89 2899 €


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