Patrik Foil Comp Gen3 2024


The Patrik Foil-Comp Gen3 version of the PATRIK Foil Comp has the biggest wind range our foil boards have ever had.
The improved aerodynamics of the nose section give you more high-end control and more top speed than ever. Our proven cutout design makes high speed touch downs a walk in the park. Light and stiff with even more trim options to adjust the board to your style of riding. Deck recess for lowered center of gravity.
Discover the all new Foil Comp Gen 3 and prepare to be blown away by its wide range of use.



Volumen Länge Breite Bauweise UVP Preis
141 206 73 Carbon Fullcore 3099 € auf Anfrage
155 207 79
169 208 84.4
178 209 89
215 212 100


All sizes have been carefully adapted for maximum performance in different conditions and and to suit the style of different riders.

73 – Pure high-wind DEFI style foiling machine
79 – Wide windrange for lighter slalom riders
85 – The PWA weapon for foil slalom
89 – Slalom and highwind course racing
100 – Pro Course Racing and lightwind foiling

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