i-99 Windsurfer LT OneDesign Set



  • The one single sizemould design, slightly revisited in shape and the Composite One Shot Technology allow the board to reduce weightsignificantly with improved effect on overall performances.
  • The dagger board with up-wind ability is a key factor here as to diversify and spread the targets of windsurfing approach from beginners to any level of cruising.
  • The Windsurfer LT. byI-99 Cesare Cantagalli will be available in the classic mode including the Windsurfer Class rule-sized registered dagger to compete on Windsurfer Class events or the option of a smaller dagger and deck-cover plate as to provide the convertible option for SUP cruising.
  • The optional rig components are completed by the original Windsurfer 5.7 m2 Mylar sail with a modern 40% carbon SDM mast and a vario aluminium boom.


i-99 Windsurfer LT OneDesign Set

‘I am honored to announce that we are part of the White Board Project that truly reflect my history and where it all begun’
– Cesare Cantagalli –

We will bring the One Design logic with a wider free sailing approach and again the triangle racing amateur community, all at the same level of gear.

We want to create a community of fans and new addicted riders through Clubs and Schools, who will enjoy windsurfing at all levels even when the winds are very light.

A vintage flash-backwill also allow us to motivate the current aged windsurfers who will be very happy to go back to old-day’s emotions and be out therein any cruising mode.

Volumen Länge Breite Bauweise UVP Preis
229 365,9 73,9 1345 € auf Anfrage
OneDesign Set mit 5.7 Rigg 2190 € auf Anfrage

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