i-99 Squadra Corse X91 & X100


X91 – Foil-Slalom für höchste Ansprüche

X100 – kompromisloses Foil Racing Board



Volumen Länge Breite Bauweise UVP Preis
175 208 90,6 Full Biax-Carbon 2999 € auf Anfrage
195 208 99,5 3029 €



  • High-precision 5-axis CAD/CAM CNC shape.
  • Full 155gr. m3 biax carbon lightweight deck lamination layup for max. compression strength, performance and structural stability.
  • 80 kg/m3 PVC full deck and bottom sandwich for a lightweight yet stiff construction.
  • Additional high-strength reinforcements in all foot heel and high load areas (mast track, fin box, footstrap inserts).
  • Full 100gr m3 Biax carbon bottom layup for maximum stiffness and performance.
  • FoilBox deep tuttle with biax Carbon reinforcements on the tail area.

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