i-99 C5 2023


The new C5 range maintains its extraordinary ability to adapt to all wind and wave conditions: from onshore to side offshore, the C5 is always a top performer, partly thanks to it’s multi-?n con?guration/options which allow adaption to the conditions and to the rider’s style.

The C5 is still the perfect all-round wave board for those who want a unique single board wherever you sail, from local sea spot to international destinations.



Volumen Länge Breite Bauweise UVP Preis
67 216 54.5 Full Carbon Deck +  Glass Bottom 2799 € auf Anfrage
76 223 56.5
85 226 58.5
94 228 60.5


  • New Shape:  The new C5 shapes have been designed and developed by Josep Pons with the goal to have a wider range of optimised all-round wave  performance onshore to side-shore, givin you the choise of your ?n set-up preference form Quad, to Thruster or even Twin.
  • Outline: The new tail outline with double wingers to support power combined with the footstraps being close to the tail-end. The result is a perfect  balanced board that “pivots’’ into tighter bottom turns and carve aggressive cut backs without loosing speed.
  • Rockerline: When designing an ‘all-round’ wave board we focused to a fast rockerline for quick planing and acceleration without sacri?cing  manoeuvrability, todaty we have achieved the perfect balance in those years along.
  • Hull: A concave bottom fading into a double concave then to a deep V towards the tail, we feel this is the perfect combination to have an easy but fast  board with very good control in choppy wave faces.
  • 5 x slot-box (carbon):  You can set the board with Quad, Thruster or even Twinzer set up to adapt and satisfy riders in any kind of condition or wave  style .
  • New tail design: The new tail with a double winger makes the C5 hyper reactive in top turns!
  • Twin-set-inserts: Parallel twin-inserts to the tail for anti-twist and maximum grip with double screws on the back footstrap.
  • Construction: Custom Made straight from our factory in Italy.

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