Goya Custom Quad 8 Pro Carbon


Surfwave Quad

The Goya Custom Quad 8 has fast and powerful surfing, reduced weight, increased waterflow, augmented curve, generation 8 is a shorter and turnier board with equally high velocity.

With over two years of evolution and over two decades in the making, generation 8 of the Custom Quad is our pinnacle wave board. Improved efficiency and volume distribution with reduced friction and increased waterflow allowed us to augment the overall curve of the board and shorten the new Custom Quad without losing any of the lengthier previous generation’s fastness. Putting us deeper into the most critical section of the wave, right where we want to be, but with more speed and turnability under our feet. A word on weight, custom built US boxes for lightness and compatibility, removed deck sticker for lightness and sustainability. 9 world champion titles, between Marcilio Browne, Maria Morales, Marino Gil and Francisco Goya, from its original design to its exuberant evolution, this is the off-the-shelf board our team, from Juniors to Pros, choose to ride and compete and win on, decade after decade. Generation 8 is only one big step better, again.



Volumen Länge Breite Bauweise UVP Preis
56 213.5 50.5 Pro Construction, Full Carbon & S-Glass Hull 1899 € (nur auf Vorbestellung) auf Anfrage
60 217 51.5
68 214 53.5 2590 €
74 215 55
80 219 56.6
84 221 57.5
88 223 58.5
94 224 59.5
104 226 61.5
116 228 63.5


  • IWT and PWA World Cup Approved.
  • Pro Carbon GW Construction, Carbon & S-Glass Hull technology, Vacuum lamination.
  • All new Quatro ® US finboxes, custom made, ultra light: 4x 5.5”.
  • All new KT Surfing ® Single to Dual Density Traction Pads, sloped, segmented, tactile grooved, ultra light.
  • All new MFC ® fins and footstraps.
  • Hyper Skin GW, High Density Full Sandwich.
  • Carbon Monocoque, connecting masttrack and stance to rails and bottom, forming a cohesive whole.
  • Available in Fluo Lime Tech-Reveal GW finish over Carbon, with Neon Orange artwork and black pads.

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