Goya Airbolt Carbon 2022/23


Wind/Wing Foilboard

One board for all foil destinations, Wind, Wing and Sup. The 2022/23 Airbolt is the ultimate compact and easy foil board that seamlessly crosses over between the disciplines. What we love most about foiling is all the places we now can have epic sessions at.

Keith Teboul: “The Airbolt marks a new direction in wind foiling, bringing the feeling of rail-to-rail riding and high wind bump & jump to those ‘average’ days where the conditions at your local spot are marginal. Using our crossover knowledge and feedback from KT Surf foiling – we have created a board range that introduces a new sensation to Foiling.

With the rider back foot positioned directly on the foil, and with mast box placed further back than other foil boards in the market, the Airbolt delivers the industry’s most direct feeling from the sail to the foil. The Airbolt brings it all together, from early and easy take-off with maximum acceleration to rail-to-rail carving, gliding, and pumping, requiring minimum sail/wing or paddle pressure. We learned that foiling is extremely easy and more fun, when the playing field is balanced.”

We’re glad to say that the new line comes with a full deck pad from the tail to around the front of the mast track, a handle and additional wing inserts, making the new Airbolt Carbon a wonderful crossover board. When the first generation Airbolt went to market, we were still trying to keep it as much of a ‘windsurf board’ as possible, meaning to keep the weight down everywhere we could. That being said – the practicality we realized, is that the slight addition of weight by using a larger pad and added a handle is much less noticeable than the benefits gained for ease of use! It can also crossover to a wing and SUP board more easily now.

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Carbon Construction, Full Carbon Deck.

Available in 90, 105, 120, 135, 155 liters.

Comes with the latest generation MFC footstraps.

Futures 10.75” Fin Boxes, Deep Tuttle Foil Box center, Comes without foil.

New Wind, Wing, Sup footstraps/pad options.

Available in Bright Blue & Fluo Yellow.

High Density Full Double Sandwich


Volumen Länge Breite Bauweise UVP Preis
90 193.3 63.5 Carbon Construction, Full Carbon Deck 2190 € auf Anfrage
105 199.5 66
120 205 71
135 214 73.7
155 220.8 83.6

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