i-99 Aero+ 2023


Two different constructions are offered in this series:

• The AST is stronger and price-friendly.

• The PRO is made from the same materials as the World Cup boards.

In the case of the Pro the weight is much lower.

If you have decided to “fly” with maximum technology and absolute performance. Choose the Aero + and choose a construction that is most suitable for you!



i-99 Aero+ 2021 Freeride Foil Board?

Foil windsurfing is growing day by day. We wanted to have the most sophisticated board designs in the genre. Just as with all boards in our range.

The Aero+ 71 and 81 are the perfect choices for all the sporty freeriders: outstanding acceleration, excellent control and stability in “flight”. Stunning upwind performance that compares title winning most race boards.

We offer two different volumes to guarantee the perfect choice for all riders, based on conditions and levels: the Aero+ 71 is 142 liters and the Aero+ 81 is 182 liters.

Volumen Länge Breite Bauweise UVP Preis
182 210 81 Pro 2399 €
AST 1459 €
142 198 71 Pro 2399 €
AST 1459 €

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