K4 Fins Rocket


About K4 fins

K4finshave created a unique and new material for windsurfing. OptoFlex is a molded resin long fibre matrix that has been carefully manipulated to provide the perfect flex patterns for windsurfing. Our K4 technicians took a long time to create the perfect material with the qualities needed to provide the performance we now appreciate. Lighter, snappier and with outstanding flex memory. The fins are extremely robust too -we haven’t had a single return through breakage.



K4 fins Rocket Windsurffinne

Almost like having slalom fins in your waveboard! Lift, drive and speed for onshore conditions. Great for ealy planing and jumping. Also surprised us with their DTL performance but you’ll need to use your rails for powerful turns as they don’t have the same grip’n’whip in big cut backs and snaps as the flexier fins.

Flex: LOW

Systeme:PB + SLOT + US

Länge Box UVP Preis
Front Set in 8 – 10 -12 – 13cm PB + SLOT + US 35€ Auf Anfrage
Rear Set in 13 – 14,5 – 15,5 – 16,5 – 17,5cm PB + SLOT + US 62,50€ Auf Anfrage

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