Chinook RDG Carbon


The Chinook Sailing RDG Carbon Boom is handmade in the Columbia Gorge and ready to get you out on the water. The Monocoque custom composite body with a specialized bend curve is light and strong, while the redesigned 50 cm tailpiece is stiff and marked with permanent absolute markings for convenient adjustment.

The fully articulating standard Pro-1 Head fits both SDM and RDM masts. Easy adjusting 2 pin stainless steel vertical slide collars lock the tailpiece solidly in place, but are easily opened for quick adjustment.




  • Small diameter grip (THIS BABY IS SKINNY!)
  • New loop-n-go outhaul block for quick and centered sail position
  • Built in excess rope retention
  • Harness line index markings
  • Positive snap-in skinny adapter


Länge (cm) Holmdurchmesser (mm) Innenbreite (cm) UVP Preis
125 – 175 24.5 849 € auf Anfrage
135 – 185 35 849 €
150 – 200 35 859 €

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