Chinook RDG “Slim” Carbon


The Chinook Sailing RDG Carbon Boom is handmade in the Columbia Gorge and ready to get you out on the water. The Monocoque custom composite body with a specialized bend curve is light and strong, while the redesigned 50 cm tailpiece is stiff and marked with permanent absolute markings for convenient adjustment.

The fully articulating standard Pro-1 Head fits both SDM and RDM masts. Easy adjusting 2 pin stainless steel vertical slide collars lock the tailpiece solidly in place, but are easily opened for quick adjustment.




Länge (cm) Holmdurchmesser (mm) Innenbreite (cm) UVP Preis
125 – 175 24.5
899 € auf Anfrage
135 – 185 37.5 949 €
150 – 200 37.5 959 €
170 – 220

1019 €


  • Small diameter grip (THIS BABY IS SKINNY!)
  • New loop-n-go outhaul block for quick and centered sail position
  • Built in excess rope retention
  • Harness line index markings
  • Positive snap-in skinny adapter

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