Softdogsurf Kennel Greyhound 5’8


“An easy paddle, a stable ride and it’s amazing drive!”

Combine the paddle power and stability of a longboard with a length that fits many pockets. All volume sits under your chest resulting in an easy paddle and a stable ride. On the wave the Greyhound has an amazing drive thanks to its diamond tail. It’s your soft summer shortboard for weaker conditions or it’s the first soft top surfboard for those touching on those first shortboard skills. Try this dog out during a surf holiday!

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Länge Breite Höhe Volumen Preis
5’8 22 5/16” 2 5/8” 45 l 470 €

Fin set-up: Including Quad fins

-A rock solid construction
-Futures Fin boxes – Quad fin setup
-Lizard grippy top skin
-Integrated finboxes & leashplug
-Diamond tail

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