Stepchild Sleazy Rider Limited Edition




Stepchild Sleazy Rider 10 years anniversary ‘limited edition’ Snowboards NUR ALLE DREI ZUSAMMEN ERHÄLTLICH !

Diese super stylischen Stepchild Sleazy Rider Snowboards sind eine absolute Rarität und nur im dreier Pack verkäuflich.


After 5 years in the line, the good folk at TWSnow have honoured the Sleazy Rider with a Good Wood. Having brought in a new camber profile last year with the King Of Pop (camber between the feet to mellow reverse) we added in kevlar stringers to stiffen up the nose and tail this year and the results are, well, award winning. Bamboo/Poplar/Beech core, biax glass, real real fast sintered base and a camber profile perfectly married to our kevlar lay up. TWSnow don’t lie. Drop the blond at the bar, leave the lambo at home and get yourself on the hill with this Sleaze dog.

Länge Breite Camber UVP Preis
152 – 156 – 158 Hybrid Camber 4000€ für 3 Boards

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