Reedin SuperNatural


The Reedin SuperNatural is extremely versatile. It’ll let you start your wingfoiling journey, all through to riding waves, jumping massive, pulling tricks, and go for speed runs with your friends.

It has incredible low-end power for early starts, high-end speed and superior upwind angles, with a very direct feel from the rigid frame.

What’s new:
SUPERNATURAL has been completely revamped with an extreme focus on weight and stiffness. The leading edge and strut are now made from a High Tenacity Polyester, making the whole wing more rigid, and resulting in a drastic weight reduction. Combined with our all-new full carbon handles, we dare say these are one of the lightest rigid handle wings on the market right now.



Größe (m²) Windrange (Knoten) UVP Preis
2.0 34+ 849 € auf Anfrage
2.5 28+ 899 €
3.0 25 – 38 949 €
3.8 18 – 33 989 €
4.5 15 – 28 1019 €
5.2 12 – 24 1049 €
6.0 9 – 22 1129 €


Extremely light
Focus this year was making the wing as light as possible while keeping it stiff and efficient. The reduced weight makes SUPERNATURAL handle very easily, stays in free-fly in low winds, and greatly reduces arm fatigue.

New carbon handles
All new carbon handles were designed with a focus on ergonomics and weight. We made a pistol grip in the front, and added a bumper to protect your board when crashing.

New profile
For early starts and lofty jumps, combined with a less twisted winging tip for unmatched upwind performance.

Very direct
The tensioned canopy throughout the wing provides a very direct response and also minimizes flutter when sheeted out, or riding free-fly for unseen stability allowing you to focus 100% on your riding.

Natural forward drive
As soon as you pump this wing you will feel how it naturally wants to shoot forward. This makes SUPERNATURAL very efficient, comfortable, and easy to ride upwind.

Natural positive lift
The design’s objectives focused on efficiency, stability, power, natural positive lift, and forward drive. This was achieved through a specific Arc shape, a stiff frame for direct response, a unique profile for natural lift, and a wing that naturally flares out to fly forward as soon as the wind flows through.

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