Liquid Force Ruckus Youth


Suit up and get out on the water with the peace of mind knowing there’s nothing but fun times ahead.

The Ruckus CGA features a timeless design and eye-catching details that look great on any young rider who’s decided to say “goodbye” to the kiddie pool. This vest moves with you and won’t hold you back…now go cause a Ruckus on the water!

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  • Comfort Fit Minimal Waist Taper for an Accommodating Feel
  • Advanced 12 Flex Panel-Architecture Design
  • PVX Foam is Lightweight, Soft, Stretchable and Flexible
  • Liquid Force Custom Quick Release Buckles
  • Hidden Belts with Lower V-Back Design
  • Dual Certification – USCG & Transport CAN
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Youth Small, Youth Large 84,90 €


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