Starboard Ace Foil 2024



The Ace Foil features the iconic pin-tail design for efficient takeoff and tracking downwind. The outline is designed to resemble nature’s most streamline possible shape, a teardrop, and the slightly recessed standing area gives the rider a flat, stable, and more connected feel over the foil.

After much testing, we also found the Ace Foil to be a fantastic crossover board for not only SUP downwinding, but light wind wingboarding as well as SUP surfing.



Volumen Länge (ft) Breite (in) Bauweise UVP Preis
85 6’9 19” Blue Carbon auf Anfrage
100 7’0 20”
120 7’4 21.5”
140 7’10 23”

The Legacy:

The infamous ACE raceboard from Starboard was an industry first design that reimagined the downwind raceboard design. First produced as a 12’6” SUP Race board and debuting at the Battle of the Paddle in 2009, the ACE (originally named “The NEW”) was available in many iterations and sizes from 12’6” – 14’0” models between 2009 – 2021.
This year, the ACE has been reborn in a brand new size range, for the latest downwind innovation: Downwind SUP Foiling.

Blue Carbon:

  • Top grade 150g Biaxial Carbon wraps the entire board, joining with an overlap on the deck and bottom to create flat stringer, increasing the total breakage strength.
  • 2 skins of durable fibre glass form a sandwich around the biaxial Carbon, protecting the carbon by dampening and absorbing the impact.
  • The combination of twin T-stringers deck and bottom work together to increase the overall total breakage strength.
  • Multiple reinforcements in the standing area, nose and tail increase impact resistance.

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