i-99 Volare 2023


The word Volare in Italian means “to fly”.
The advent of foiling truly allows you to fly over water, enjoying unique sensations, immersed in an unreal silence.

After months of testing we are proud to be able to present you this new all-rounder dedicated to foiling but which allows you to enjoy it in 3 distinct disciplines: windsurfing, wing and sup.

A shape that differs from the others, a unique scoopline, expressly designed to increase the performance of advance gliding and stability in flight, are the characteristics of the brand new Volare 130.

The double US box allows you to mount the rearmost foil if you use it with the windsurf rig, while the more advanced position will allow you to take advantage of its shape for maximum fun sessions with the wing or in sup mode.

Its generous volume allows even heavy riders to approach the wing with immediate fun.

Combined with an all-round freeride foil, the Volare 130 will be your 360° companion, to take advantage of all the weather conditions with a single foiling board.


Volumen Länge Breite Bauweise UVP Preis
130 205 72 Glass Sandwich  1749 € auf Anfrage

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