Patrik AEON Masts


High performance Foil Masts that set a new standard for drag, flex and twist block.

AEON – The only fully compatible multi sport foil system proving world cup podium places and international titles in four disciplines and both sports of Windsurfing and Winging.

Formula Windsurfing Foil World Champion 2023 – Elia Colombo

IFCA Slalom Foil European Champion 2023 – Michele Becker

Wingfoil Racing & Freestyle European Champion 2023 – Bastien Escofet

Our four carbon masts cover all the needs of customers using the deep tuttle box system. These foil masts beat everything currently available on the market in terms of drag, flex stiffness and twist block. The technical advantages result in better control over your foil, a more relaxed ride in choppy conditions, easier jibing, more topspeed and less breakage. Experience a whole new level of control. Get your AEON foil now!

(More mast options and sizes with US-Track system in carbon and aluminium constructions to come in 2024.)

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min. Dicke (mm)
Einsatzbereich UVP
95 DIM-S
11.3 Slalom, Speed 2679 € auf Anfrage
12.3 1599 €
100 DIM-L
Course Racing 2369 €
1679 €

95 DIM-S: This is our no-compromise comp slalom mast and not only the thinnest and narrowest but also the stiffest flex/twist currently used on the worldcup scene.

95 DIM-M: Same outline as DIM-XL. Slightly thicker and wider for a more comfortable ride than the DIM-S. Your budget-friendly alternative to the 95 DIM-S mast.

100 DIM-L: More narrow outline than Dim-M and Dim-XL. Made for the ultimate Course Racing competition performance without compromise.

100 DIM-XL: Same outline than DIM-M but 50mm longer at the head. Slightly thicker and wider than the DIM-L. Your budget alternative to the DIM-L.

Wide at the base with an extended front “nose” for added stiffness and less twist. With this design trick we’re able to move the leading edge forward (to compensate for extensive mast rake that is actually moving the foil position backwards) which results in a more balanced and more effective fuselage position on the mast.
Narrow chord and thin profile at the fuselage too minimise drag and turbulences. Extra narrow chord for the DIM-S PWA slalom mast.

(Cutline given to adjust the AEON foil head to any boards using the “angled tuttle box system”)


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