Patrik AEON Backwings


The technically most advanced stabilizer Rear Wings on the market.

“DNA-H” (hard) only for the most stability and control in all conditions. The special profile and shape of the backwings allow us to use low angles of attack on the stabilizers without losing control and flight stability. The whole foil system is working as one. Our backwings are carefully finetuned to work best with our fuselage shapes and frontwings.

(Bigger sizes for Windsurf and Wingfoil Wave / Freestyle and Freeride to come 2024.)

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Größe (cm²)
Spannweite (mm)
Aspect Ratio
Konstruktion UVP
160 380 9.03 Hard (DNA-H)
319 €
auf Anfrage
195 420 9.05 299 €

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