North Sonar HA Frontwing 2023


The Sonar High Aspect Front Wing Series is engineered for the highest speed and efficiency possible across a range of disciplines – from kite foiling to prone foil surfing. With this style of wing, you need minimal pump and power to generate glide. The shorter chord length defines the profile thickness, and with a thin profile comes reduced drag. The span gives you stability and a slightly longer radius turn than a lower aspect ratio wing of the same size.

The wingtips are refined to ensure there is no ventilation when you tip breach, giving you the ability to crank tighter radius turns at higher speeds, without losing speed. With excellent lift at high speed, the HA850 to HA1250 are your core wing-foiling and prone surf sizes.

The larger HA1250-HA1450 is ideal for dock starts, pumping to connect wave after wave, coastal runners or stealing wakes.

Downwinding: Ocean swells move faster in the open ocean – slower in shallow water or closer to the coast. The faster you move through the water, the more choice you have to choose a more efficient line.

The smaller the wing, the less planing surface = less lift and higher stall speed. The HA Series Wings are designed for lighter / more experienced riders to foil in faster-moving ocean swells.




Fläche Spannweite Typ UVP
Sonar HA550 740 mm High Aspect Front Wing 609 €
Sonar HA650 810 mm 619 €
Sonar HA750 870 mm 629 €
Sonar HA850 920 mm 639 €
Sonar HA950 1000 mm 649 €
Sonar HA1050 1050 mm 659 €
Sonar HA1150 1100 mm 669 €
Sonar HA1250 1120 mm 679 €
Sonar HA1450 1200 mm 699 €

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