O’Neill Psycho Tech 6/4+ Hooded


O’Neill’s Psycho Tech range focuses on ultimate warmth and durability with high-performance, partially recycled materials and water-tight double-sealed stitchless seams. The TB4 Firewall technology radiates throughout with TB4 Duraskin Air Firewall in the chest and back to shield against the cold while retaining and recirculating your body heat. Designed to keep you in the water longer, toasty, and stoked.




Größe Dicke Material UVP
S – XL 6/4+ mm TechnoButter 4 479,90 €


  • TechnoButter4 Duraskin Air Firewall (Chest/ Back)
    TB4 Air Firewall paired with Duraskin features a recycled graphene interior with wind-shielding and a fully water-repellent smooth skin exterior that is more durable and warmer than before.
    TechnoButter4 Firewall (Thigh/ Butt/ Shins/ Calf)
  • TB4 Firewall utilises recycled graphene fibres at a thicker pile. As your body heat warms the graphene fibres, they return heat back into your body.
    TechnoButter4 (Arms/ Shoulders)
  • TB4, our award-winning wetsuit technology, introduces recycled yarns infused with graphene for increased flexibility and heat retention.
    TechnoButter4 X (Entry)
  • Stitchless Exterior Fluid Seam Weld Technology with Interior Recycled TechnoButterX Tape

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