Airush Razor V10 2022/23


Unrivalled unhooked performance & precision.
Mind-blowing pop & slack.
5-line freestyle & Big Air blend.

The Razor offers unrivalled unhooked performance and precision that delivers way beyond the expectations of a purist freestyle C-kite. With specific freestyle and wakestyle bridle settings, the Razor is a new generation 5-line freestyle and Big Air blend that combines unrivalled unhooked performance with more boost. Designed alongside World Champion Alex Pastor, the Razor provides mind-blowing pop and slack. The larger sizes are geared towards freestyle while the smaller sizes have been optimized for Big Air and looping.

“The Razor is a legendary freestyle machine. Mark Pattison and Alex Pastor have been focused on constant refinement while making it more versatile every year. For competition freestyle or just having fun riding, it is the pinnacle of freestyle performance and it just got better.”



Freestyle & wakestyle settings.
Smaller sizes are optimal for Big Air & looping.
Larger sizes are perfect for freestyle.

Airush Load Frame v4 featuring WebTech.
Gradient Subframe.

Größen UVP Preis
7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13, 15M 1599 – 2079 € auf Anfrage
Cleat Bar V4 619 €

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