Reedin SpaceAgency


The Reedin SpaceAgency is for anyone who wants the highest performance possible, with precise control, grip, and response. It has been designed to perform at the highest level in any condition. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or ambitious beginner, this is your most exciting way to progress.

Ultralight twintip with a snappy and lively response that only a carbon board can give.
Built with no compromise Space Exploration Technology, our Triple carbon construction features three different types of carbon fiber to provide an absolutely perfect flex pattern. The core is as sleek as possible, shedding all unnecessary weight, with a carbon construction guaranteed for a dynamic, lively, and crisp ride.



Länge Breite FahrerIn-Gewicht UVP Preis
135 40 55-75 kg 1079 €
auf Anfrage
138 41 65-85 kg
141 42 75-100 kg
SuperBinding Größe S/M oder M/L 199 €

incl. Handle & Fins

Full carbon construction
12K carbon on the deck and bottom gives a very quick response to compression and is also very durable. 3K carbon in the center is the perfect combo for stretch, resistance, and durability. Unidirectional carbon for the stringers don’t buckle under extension or compression forces.

Light weight
Our cored-out core eliminates thickness and weight in the areas where it’s not needed for stiffness or strength. Leaving strength only in the frame of the board where the load takes place, shedding all unnecessary weight.

Eats through chop
The flex pattern in the tip and shaping make SPACEAGENCY fly through choppy water as if it’s flat. You can get up to high speeds and absorb bumps with so much ease, that it’s your number one choice for boosting high in challenging conditions.

Very comfortable
Carbon boards can have a reputation for being very stiff, however SPACEAGENCY is tuned to be very comfortable, with landings that are guaranteed to surprise anyone with how well it absorbs forces. It will keep you riding with a smile, even if you’re prone to knee or ankle sensitivities.

Explosive pop
The carbon construction has the ability to store a lot of energy as you’re loading up for jumps, and release all of that in an explosive pop when taking off, guaranteed to have you send it to the moon!

Space exploration technology
We call it SPACEAGENCY because the ride is just out of this world! But also, SpaceAgency is built using aerospace standards carbon fiber.

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