Reedin KevPro


The Reedin KEVPRO is for riders that like to ride fast and want a responsive, forgiving and grippy board.

Ridden by Kevin for its forgiveness and amazing grip that sets you up for bigger & better jumps while offering the smoothest and most controlled landings. You’ll be amazed by how easily the board rides through choppy water, to let you load and send some of the biggest jumps of your life.



Länge Breite FahrerIn-Gewicht UVP Preis
128 MiniKev 36 749 € auf Anfrage
133 40 55-80 kg 829 €
136 41.5 65-90 kg
139 42 80+ kg
SuperBinding Größe S/M oder M/L 199 €

incl. Handle & Fins

Tuned for high speed riding
KevPro is tuned to be ridden at high speeds. Fully loaded, thundering towards a kicker, it allows you to store huge amounts of energy – just waiting to be released when you push that edge into your take-off. Thrills guaranteed.

Quick and lively
The double carbon stringers make KevPro respond even quicker when fully powered up. It’s snappy and lively under your feet.

Comfortable landings
What goes up, must come down. Nobody likes a knee breaker, so we’ve made sure it’s comfortable on those high-speed landings. Not just that, the progressive flex makes sure it’s comfortable and smooth through chop, because those are the real-world conditions you will be riding in.

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