Reedin Big E


The Reedin BIG E is so much more than an upsized Super E, it’s a light wind weapon in its own right. The E still signifies ‘Easy’, because we firmly believe that a twintip should offer a seamless riding experience that lets you concentrate purely on honing your skills. Every other facet of this board is meticulously crafted to master lightwind conditions.

The perfect combination of BIG E’s rocker and generous flex provides remarkable comfort and stability. Big E is more than just a beginner’s board. Its adaptability shines through, offering an unparalleled riding experience that’s comfortable and still playful so you can have loads of fun on those lighter days.

The Big E’s unique dimensions allow for an offset fin position, increasing the grip’s surface area and effective length. The board intuitively finds grip and speed, providing immediate upwind performance with playful characteristics for a board this size.



Länge Breite FahrerIn-Gewicht UVP Preis
153 46 Beginner und Leichtwind 699 € auf Anfrage
SuperBinding Größe S/M oder M/L 199 €

incl. Handle & Fins

Light-wind weapon
With a length of 153cm and a width of 43cm and a flatter rocker, BIG E is guaranteed to get you riding comfortably upwind in marginal conditions.

Easy through chop
Light-wind doesn’t always mean butterflat water. Thanks to its flex pattern and slight rocker, BIG E comfortably riders through chop without nosediving or getting bouncy.

Playful response
Light-wind is more than just cruising, you want to have fun! BIG E is easy to turn, pop, and land, to make sure nothing is holding you back from leaving the water with a big smile on your face.

Easy to learn
The stability BIG E makes it a perfect board for beginners to ride their first meters on the water. Slow riding in comfortable conditions without having the board sink in the water, makes for quick progression. And will want to keep it in your quiver for those light days!

Offset fins
By offsetting the toe-side fins, you keep grip in the water when edging the board, so you can easily ride upwind and the board starts tracking early when doing your first board-starts.

Soft landings
A wide board can feel harder on your knees when landing, but our carefully tuned flex and tips make sure you’ll have hours of fun without even thinking about it!

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